Why Garrett Bair’s Fitness Career Is Far From Average

 Why Garrett Bair’s Fitness Career Is Far From Average

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When Garrett Bair was enrolled at The Ohio State University, he did what most of his classmates did: Go out several times a week for drinks and attend parties. While it was fun and was a part of the college experience, Garrett quickly realized that he needed to make a change. He began to feel lost and purposeless at school, and it wasn’t until he chose to go to the fitness center with his friend that he truly found himself. 


From the instant Garrett worked out with his friend on that fateful day, he immediately fell in love. From the idea of a healthy addiction to the constant pursuit of athleticism and performance, he was hooked on the idea of fitness. As he began to see real results with his physique through time, he began to consider the idea of pursuing a full time career in fitness. 


He was on the verge of attending law school at the time, but Garrett never wanted to fall into the trap of working a 9-5 and spending the next few decades of his life in an office. Because of his mentality of constantly challenging himself and seeking greatness, he chose to forego law school and chase his newfound passion for fitness.


Just as he’s never settled for anything less than a spectacular physique that leaves people in awe, Garrett has never settled for anything less than extraordinary in his career. While he started as any ordinary trainer at his local gym, he was quickly growing a following on social media. Before long, his account had blossomed to over 200,000 followers on Instagram and he was quickly able to monetize his following with brand deals, collaborations, and above all, turning several of his followers into personal training clients. 


On top of being a tremendously successful fitness influencer, Garrett has spent a lot of time traveling the country doing modeling shoots with various photographers and brands, and has made tremendous connections in the industry in the process. Fitness is a massively competitive industry by nature, and Garrett says that the connections he’s made along the way have made all the difference for him and his career early on. 


Now that he’s made a name for himself in the industry, Garrett is appreciative of every day that he’s able to wake up and take on a new opportunity. Even though he never knows where his next opportunity is coming from, the freedom that chasing his dreams has afforded him is something that he wouldn’t trade for the world.