4Ever Young Solutions Helping Patients Stay Strong during COVID-19

 4Ever Young Solutions Helping Patients Stay Strong during COVID-19

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Carlton Washington and Deniz Duygulu started 4Ever Young, an anti-aging medical spa and vitality center, to help people become better versions of themselves, in looks, in health, and happiness. 4Ever Young offers solutions to many of the common aging issues such as wrinkles, low energy, bad nutrition, and many more. The overall goal of the company is to help people look and feel their best allowing them to have better quality of life and more fulfilling lives as well. When Carlton and Deniz started the company, they had no idea how much it would help individuals during a global pandemic.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the biggest economic recession in United States history, forcing many businesses to shut down for months on end. With many states limiting business operation to “essential” only, 4Ever Young was forced to shut down most of their operation until the pandemic had passed. Unlike many business owners, Carlton and Deniz realized the importance of following the strict guidelines in order to minimize the infection rate in Florida and the United States.


During the most crucial 8 weeks of the pandemic, Carlton and Deniz had great concerns about the short and long-term effects of the virus as they watched businesses shut down. Luckily for them, the wellness half of their business was considered essential, which allowed them to continue their hormone replacement therapies, blood work, physicals, and  I.V. vitamin therapy. The aesthetic part of their business was halted but  when the closure was lifted, they had a 450 person waitlist for Botox and other aesthetic injectable services when they opened back up. One of their biggest accomplishments to date was the fact that they were able to remain profitable throughout the pandemic, even though they shut down all non-essential services, and made it through the biggest economic downturn in our history.


Carlton and Deniz continued their success with 4Ever Young throughout a global pandemic for several reasons. To begin, they took the virus very seriously, and only took patients who truly needed to continue with their treatments. This is something that they saw great responses from as their patients were very appreciative of the fact that they were only trying to protect them. One thing that they held strong was their mindset during the difficult times. Knowing that it would eventually pass, Carlton and Deniz didn’t let their fears take over and run their business. They knew that sacrificing some time and money would eventually be better in the end. Another success point of the services offered was realized when they spoke to patients of the practice who contracted the virus. The patients that came down with COVID-19 had said for them, “it wasn’t much worse than a bad flu for them”. After reading research and seeing the benefits of a healthy immune system, they feel that their services have helped their patients greatly.

Moving forward in their careers, Carlton and Deniz are looking to expand 4Ever Young nationwide and eventually globally. Their goal is to make the products and services they offer available to everyone in the country at affordable prices. In the next 5 years, they plan to move their operations outside of Florida and grow nationwide. To learn more about Carlton Washington, Deniz Duygulu, and 4Ever Young, click here.