How Anshul Aggarwal is Curating Engagement with Supercharged

 How Anshul Aggarwal is Curating Engagement with Supercharged

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Bio: Anshul Aggarwal is the voice of Supercharged, a video channel dedicated to growing social, technical, and financial literacy in Gen Z. He uses comedy and skits in a relatable format to teach people about the hidden parts of what makes our world tick.

Social accounts: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

Niche: YouTube Educational Content

How did you grow your account in the early days?

Anshul Aggarwal: I’m still very much in the early days of my channel, but what I’ve seen the most benefit from is engagement and talking to viewers where they are. I post my videos across the internet, and make sure to check in on my posts to see if anybody has commented or referenced it. Keeping an engaged audience is one of the biggest parts of growing a small community, and those people will be the most engaged with you as you grow and be willing to recommend you to their friends.

Did you stumble upon any useful tricks or flows that got your content viral?

Anshul Aggarwal: Honestly it really depends, but the biggest benefit is the most boring: Consistency and Relatability. While there are all kinds of smaller things that can optimize for virality, the quickest way to grow a brand is to be consistent with your uploads *and your content* and being relatable to the audience you’re trying to focus on. If your content is all over the place, it’s hard for a subscriber to know what they are subscribing to and if its not relatable to them it’s not relatable to their life.

I call it the day before and the day after problem. If one of you videos is super viral thats great! But how does that viewer convert to a follower? Generally, they check the videos you’ve posted super recently on your feed, or older hits you might’ve had. If the content isn’t consistent, they will not convert into a follower, as your content to them does not seem consistently relevant. Knowing your audience intimately is a key part of any business, but influencers often get lost in following trends that lose them subscribers.

What are some secrets to virality in YT?

Anshul Aggarwal: On YouTube, the open secret is the algorithm. There’s been a ton of debate about the secret ways YouTube promotes you, but in truth the engagement you have with followers on your videos is the most key. Youtube wants people to stay on the platform longer, so the more evidence YouTube sees of people returning to click on your channel the better. Keep talking with them and keep up to date on relevant topics and post as fast as you can.

What’s a common misconception your followers have about you?

Anshul Aggarwal: Most educational channels seem to be helmed by people that have all the answers, and to an extent that’s because to be teaching a topic you have to be pretty knowledgeable. But it’s easy to forget that behind that screen I’m a human too that has not read every last word on the subject and that sometimes I do make mistakes or I have my own biases. I try hard to mention that people should do their own research as well, and I link my most important research in the descriptions of each video so people can read for themselves, but I think viewers often forget that that option exists.

What do you think you do better than most people? How are you able to do it?

Anshul Aggarwal: I’m better at explaining high complexity ideas concretely through stories and examples. A lifetime of being taught and being a teacher has given me this ability and I love sharing that knowledge with as many people as I can. It’s a worthwhile endeavor and has given me so much in return, I’d encourage everyone to become a teacher as soon as possible.

What are some of the best blogs you’ve ever read?

Anshul Aggarwal: The Story of Us by Tim Urban is hands down the longest, most ambitious and most engaging content I have ever read. It’s literally the story of us, the entire human race and who we are and who you are whether you believe it or not. This singular series has changed my mind so many times, it’s a must read for everyone I know.

Any favorite influencers you follow?

Anshul Aggarwal: I have to shout out CoffeBreak and Michael Reeves on YouTube, both are incredible artists I truly respect who are pushing boundaries on how to engage people in very positive ways while teaching them something. I love them and I love their content.

Any last thoughts? 

Anshul Aggarwal: Always keep learning something new! Being curious is a habit you can build, and it’s been one of the most important parts of my life.