How Paul Gerard Parker Helped a Thriving Business Increase Sales During Covid-19

 How Paul Gerard Parker Helped a Thriving Business Increase Sales During Covid-19

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Paul Gerard Parker, 22, (@paulparker) operates as the Chief Marketing Officer of Project Wifi, an eCommerce managing company that manages over $19,000,000 in assets and employs over 50 people.

Project Wifi has grown rapidly since being founded in September 2019. The company currently helps manage over 55 Amazon stores, each earning between $35,000 – $115,000 per month, but with Covid-19 causing many businesses to be shut down, Parker and his business partners were nervous about potential losses to their company.

Surprisingly, the company has actually experienced an increase in volume for a lot of the products they sell. Their stores are doing better than ever. The beauty of online business is all business is conducted from employee’s homes from their laptops. With no risk of employees spreading the disease, the business remained opened and continued to prosper. 

With many people scared to leave their house during COVID, they rely on Project Wifi’s Amazon businesses to deliver the essential household items they need.

Although business is flourishing, Parker does not let himself become complacent. He is constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to improve the company.

“We are expanding quickly so a lot of things need adjustments,” said Parker.

As Chief Marketing Officer, Parker’s main focuses are improving the company’s branding and working to create an optimal user experience. He believes that providing clients with second-to-none user experience is vital in maintaining long-lasting business relationships. 

Marketing has always come naturally to Parker, as he previously founded his own social media marketing company known as Hue Limited LLC.

“Marketing has always been the core of my skills. I was always great at connecting and talking to people as well. I think that is why I was able to accelerate so quickly in whatever I did,” said Parker. 

His marketing skills are invaluable to the team at Project Wifi, as Parker is constantly finding new and innovative ways to expand the company’s business and market share.

While Parker plays a large part in the success of Project Wifi, he does not forget that he is incredibly fortunate to be backed by a reliable team of fellow online entrepreneurs Andy Ta Kong, Marcello Cantu, and Mohammed Shakaoat.

“Teamwork is everything. You can feed off each other’s motivation. Finding people that understand one thing but have experience in another is key, therefore everyone has something unique to bring to the table,” said Parker.

Since being founded, the company has quickly scaled to seven figures, and Parker credits this all to great teamwork.

Parker loves being part of a motivated team and enjoys his profession. He is passionate about what he does and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. 

To learn more about Parker and the luxurious lifestyle he has built for himself, follow him @paulparker.