Jose Gordo on the importance of mindset and his philosophy for life

 Jose Gordo on the importance of mindset and his philosophy for life

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Jose Gordo is an entrepreneur who is setting the tone for his businesses in 2020 with his discipline, perseverance towards his goals, and passion for what he is doing. Jose is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, best-selling author, and world- class business strategist. Fear is not a factor in Jose’s life and he makes every business decision with a level-head and uses his unbreakable mindset to get him through the obstacles he experiences as an entrepreneur. When being asked how important mindset is when starting your own business, Jose replied with “To sustain the success of a company, an entrepreneurial mindset allows you to take on different challenges with determination, commitment, and responsibility. It is important to take responsibility for these changes to manage with a cool head and emotional intelligence.” 


Jose explains his journey to becoming a world-class business strategist as “Something simple- I felt that something in my life needed a change and I began to walk down a path that took me through many very different and interesting points in my life.” He has taken everything he learned to make a strategy, but explains that it is not until you put what you have learned and read into practice multiple times that you can truly say you have learned it. 


Wu-Wei +20 is a traditional philosophy of life. Jose Gordo’s version of the Wu-Wei +20 is made up of two parts, two mindsets that many seem to collide with each other, but actually work in perfect harmony once you can see it. Traditional Wu-Wei is known as the “no action” philosophy, but is slightly more complex than that. Truthfully, it is more about never forcing a situation but learning to flow with what is happening around you. To expand further, the meaning is similar to the phrase “You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust the sails.” The idea is not to react impulsively, not to try to force reality to fit our plans, but to learn to be resilient, decisive, calm-minded people. 


The 20+ part of the philosophy Jose Gordo follows refers to human potential. They say that we are capable of ten times or even twenty times more than expected when we push ourselves to the  limit. When we learn not to act on impulse, learn to be intelligently efficient, and think calmly about business decisions. Over the years, Jose has seen how the need to control all aspects of a project or business can destroy anyone’s motivation and leads to frustration. The Wu-Wei +20 tells you that by changing the way we act and react to unforeseen events, we can earn much more and gain an advantage over the situation.

Having this philosophy in life inspires Jose Gordo to be great and do it with honesty, integrity, and handling each situation the right way.  Jose has worked very hard to become knowledgeable and credible in the business world, which he has more than done for himself. To follow along with Jose Gordo and his future endeavors, click here.