Mohammed Shakaoat’s Rise Among the Business World

 Mohammed Shakaoat’s Rise Among the Business World

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Mohammed Shakaoat began his career path with the intention of remaining among the 9-5 ongoing cycle. Through realizing his goals and dreams of success were unaligned with his original field of law enforcement, Mohammed set out to discover a new venture within entrepreneurship. From a young age, he envisioned a pathway to achieve success that would not only yield financial freedom, but help the lives of others around them. Born in Bangladesh, moving to Dubai, then immigrating to Florida enabled a widely diversified character to develop by the age of twelve. By the age of 28, Mohammed managed to build an empire that would deem him a self-made millionaire. 


Mohammed Shakaot is most famously known for the countless areas of business he has managed to succeed in, including the ATM business and dropshipping through the support of Amazon. To expand his business ventures, Mohammed implemented the profit from his rising businesses to branch out in broader fields with the objective of growing his portfolio.


Through immediately recognizing the potential and growing demand within the ATM business, Mohammed seeked to capitalize on the market of opportunities. This business allows entrepreneurs to place their ATM within local businesses where they collect a fee each instance an individual uses the machine. With the heightened success of the ATM market, his philanthropic mindset he incorporates into his work ethic drove him to create a course regarding the ATM business. “As I finetuned my systems of operation, I created my own ATM course to teach others how to build a profit as well. I believe an entrepreneur is someone who paves a way to make their lives better and easier, then to share that onto others.” His pathway to success is no secret and he believes in teaching others how to build the wealth from his experiences.


Mohammed is most well known for founding Project Wifi, an Amazon Automation Management service for dropshipping stores. In 2019, Mohammed moved to Los Angeles where he would meet his future business partners, Andy Vonde, Paul Parker, and Marcello Cantu. With their unconditional support, Project Wifi has skyrocketed to success. Stemming from extremely different points within life, each of their diverse viewpoints contributed to the high level of success Project Wifi has come to be. 


To further improve their systems and expand their market, the team moved to Las Vegas where they have developed two courses to instruct others how to follow in their footsteps to achieve success. Mohammed Shakaoat recognizes, “To learn, grow, and connect with others is the heart of an entrepreneur, not focusing on monetary growth.” 

Mohammed’s future is bright and plans to further expand his footprint within the business world. To follow along with his business and future endeavors, click here.