Royal Personal Training Closes Peninsula Hotel Partnership Amid 8,000 SF Facility Expansion

 Royal Personal Training Closes Peninsula Hotel Partnership Amid 8,000 SF Facility Expansion

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Royal Personal Training (RPT), the blossoming personal training facility in Beverly Hills, has been making noise since its humble 2015 beginnings. Founded by brothers Shahin and Shayan Safai, RPT has embodied the growth potential of modern, boutique gym facilities in a digital age of branding and social media presences. 

Recently, RPT closed a partnership round with the luxury hotel chain, Peninsula Hotels, following RPT’s recent push into high-level connections with some of the most vibrant and visible brands in the hospitality and corporate sectors. 

“We want to be the go-to place for everything health and fitness for our hotel and corporate partners,” details RPT Founder and CEO, Shahin Safai. “Along with penetrating further into the hotel market, we plan on expanding to big corporations for their corporate wellness programs and retreats.” 

Impressive Growth Numbers 

The thriving RPT brand has been fueled by impressive growth since the Safai brothers opened up a 1,400 square foot (SF) gym in the Beverly Hills area in 2015. With virtually the bare-bones minimum of equipment and gym space at the time, the RPT facility has ballooned to over 8,000 SF and 50 employees today. 

The physical expansion has been accompanied by a slew of social media awareness developments, including an upcoming partnership with Instagram star Sommer Ray and a brand new merchandise line unveiled on RPT’s Instagram page. The growth strategy has been imbued in the RPT culture since the beginning, with the Safai brothers coming from humble, hard-working backgrounds as immigrants from Norway before they worked their way up the American entrepreneurial totem pole. 

And that culture, what they call the RPT Lifestyle, has attracted high-end clientele and regular people alike — looking to soak in customized fitness regimens, diet planning, state-of-the-art equipment, and 24/7 service. 

The rise of RPT is reflected by the team’s surge in personal training sessions, from 200 sessions a month to over 3,000 sessions a month. And Shahin’s vision is even more ambitious than what the brand has already accomplished. 

“Our growth plan is to have RPT in every major city and country in the world,” he says. “We hope to have RPT in all of the leading hotel chains with our trainers located on-site.”

Crafting the Modern Fitness Brand 

Shahin has a unique vision for the modern gym experience, which is what initially sparked the transformation from his former odd jobs as a hotel valet and physical trainer to business impresario. 

In the competitive landscape of contemporary fitness culture, social media, and the radiance of Hollywood celebrities right next door to Beverly Hills, Shahin’s perception has been paying dividends so far. His goal? 

“We are crafting our brand to become the next Soho House of health and fitness,” Shahin says. 

The RPT team, who Shahin refers to many of as the “RPT soldiers since day 1,” have shared in his grand vision for the brand, and without them, he says none of their progress so far would have been possible. 

“The team believes in the brand as much as I do,” says Shahin. “They motivate me to be the absolute best and encourage the expansion of RPT.” 

Retaining that type of culture is pivotal in distinguishing modern fitness brands in today’s competitive climate. And RPT relies on its blend of luxury and personalization, a fusion of concepts that the Safai brothers gleaned from their experience working at the large-scale luxury gym, Equinox.

In turn, they decided on providing the amenities of an experience like Equinox, but with the boutique, community approach usually relegated to the smaller, local gyms.   

“We are the only luxurious training facility that provides a 5-star, 5-diamond experience to every type of client,” says Shahin. “Whether our client is a beginner or pro athlete, they are treated the same with a customized training program tailored to their every need.” 

RPT even supplements the experience with a holistic approach where it takes care of its clients’ physical fitness, nutrition, and recovery. With its impressive growth driving the expansion of its 50+ member team, the gym can offer a diverse set of specialties and backgrounds without sacrificing the personalization that clients seek in modern gym experiences. 

In doing so, RPT has catapulted to the front of the LA fitness lifestyle, claiming the #1 LA Training Facility title the last couple of years.