How Axel Carrasquillo Developed An Old Practice Into Something That Could Be Used In The Modern Age

Alternative and Holistic medicine is more frequent than ever as people combat the stress of quarantine and social distancing during the times of coronavirus. This 4.2 trillion dollar market combines wellness practices that treat the whole of an individual instead of focusing on a single symptom. To adjust to this new reality, Axel Carrasquillo, also […]Read More

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At The Height Of A Pandemic, Who Could Possibly Be Finding More Opportunities? Andrew Ragusa Can. He Shares His Secrets Below.

How can the pandemic be good for the real estate industry? Selling a home in difficult and unprecedented times such as these, even worse than 2008, seems like a daunting if not impossible task. But Andrew Ragusa explains that this is not the case.  Andrew is doing things differently. He has risen in the industry […]Read More


Coming To The U.S. With 500 Dollars To Becoming A Multimillionaire: Marian Esanu Is The True Success Story

Coming from an immigrant family brings new challenges than many others cannot even imagine. Marian Esanu faced many of these challenges as an immigrant beginning a business in the United States. He was able to turn around this difficult situation to become a successful entrepreneur who runs a business in client acquisition consulting, a Youtube […]Read More


Meet Cosmina Esanu: A Lash Artist, Trainer, Licensed Esthetician, YouTuber And Podcast Host Whose Love For Lashes Has Been Her Passion Since Childhood

Cosmina Esanu was born and raised in Romania, Europe. She is a lash artist, trainer, licensed esthetician, YouTuber and Podcast Host. Eyes are the window to the soul and Cosmina makes them look and feel much better thanks to the technique she uses in applying eyelash extensions. Cosmina’s love for lashes is based on her […]Read More