The Reason Behind Frederick Hutson’s Tremendous Success

It is undeniable! Frederick Hutson’s success as an entrepreneur is impressive. So much that he is the envy of fortune 500 CEOs and has inspired millions of people to work towards success. But why? You may ask. What is it about this man that makes him such an inspiration to others? If you take a closer look at his life the answer will be clear.

A Natural Gift for Entrepreneurship

Hutson has always had a knack for entrepreneurship. In fact, despite starting out his early adult life as a member of the Air Force he juggled several business ventures at the same time. The fact that all these ventures were profitable was perhaps the first and most powerful indicator that this man was born to evolve into the tremendously successful business magnate he is today.

In addition to being gifted with the golden touch when it comes to business, Hutson has tenacity. When it comes to business he keeps his eye on the target and doesn’t allow obstacles to stop him. His journey to success is rife with examples of this character trait.  Hutson allowed nothing to derail him on his journey to success- not incarceration, not the lack of funding, not the rejection of his bids to gain funding…nothing. It is quite understandable why so many people look to him as a representation of what today’s entrepreneur should be.

From Problem to Solution

Instead of being daunted by his 51 month long incarceration, Hutson decided to turn it into an advantage. He was determined to emerge from this setback, stronger and better than he’d been when he entered.  He had time on his hands and he had something else too- an eye that discerned what others couldn’t see and a shrewd mind.  Soon he saw the opportunity that would soon blossom into his success. He noticed that inmates, himself included, found it very difficult to stay in touch with their friends and families.

As he examined the problem he realized that it was a problem he could solve and that in solving this problem he could reap benefits for himself as well. This was the seed that grew into Pigeonly, a hugely successful company that today offers communications services that keep prisoners and their networks connected.

But Pigeonly’s success did not come overnight. Hutson had to work assiduously and continue to persevere despite more obstacles that were to come. He emerged from prison, inspired and eager to get his business off the ground. But his quest for startup capital was largely fruitless because most potential investors turned away after learning of his past or the fact that the business was designed to cater to the needs of inmates.

The stigma didn’t stop Hutson though. He continued pitching until he was finally able to secure funding to the tune of 2 million dollars from Silicon Valley investors. From then it was nothing but upward growth as the company grew by 30% monthly and has now become an international name serving subscribers in over 88 countries.

Essentially, therefore, Hutson’s success is fueled by his unrelenting drive to succeed and his refusal to let obstacles stop him.

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