How Paul Gerard Parker Helped a Thriving Business Increase Sales During Covid-19

Paul Gerard Parker, 22, (@paulparker) operates as the Chief Marketing Officer of Project Wifi, an eCommerce managing company that manages over $19,000,000 in assets and employs over 50 people. Project Wifi has grown rapidly since being founded in September 2019. The company currently helps manage over 55 Amazon stores, each earning between $35,000 – $115,000 […]Read More


How Olyasha Novozhylova turned her passion into a fashion and lifestyle blog to inspire young women to create their own extraordinary style

Olaysha Novozhylova is the founder and creator of NotBasicBlonde and also a model, blogger, influencer, and a celebrity podcast host of the NotBasicBlonde Podcast. She often partners with nationwide beauty, jewelry, makeup, skincare and clothing brands such as Cartier, Revolve, TooFaced, Tarte, and many more. Not Basic Blonde is a fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated […]Read More