How Clonefluence Inc. Is Taking Over The Music Industry

The story of Clonefluence Inc. begins almost 2 and a half years ago when the Founder, Justin Grome, wanted to combine music with his love for social media. Clonefluence became Justin’s social media agency. It exists to help artists further their careers in countless amounts of ways. Marketing is a worldwide necessity and it isn’t […]Read More

Successful Entrepreneur Steven Dorn Says Now is the Time for Entrepreneurs to Capitalize on Social Capital

The most successful and seasoned entrepreneurs would have differing viewpoints on many topics and approaches. However, one thing they would mostly agree on is the importance of capitalizing on social capital. Meaningful connections are the ones that double results sooner and help skyrocket progress. Networking to further strengthen social capital is one of the best […]Read More

Quietly Reaching Millions in an Uplifting and Positive Way – Jack McAdoo of Real Talk Live! delivers a positive message on his global podcast.

Jack McAdoo is a Life Navigator whose purpose is to share with millions of people how to truly become their true self and master the future. He brings to individuals and corporations the same tools that equipped his life for transformation and success. Jack has a lifetime of personal experience in the music, and media […]Read More

The Future of Marketing Belongs to Brands and Consumers

In the world of marketing, the only certainties are uncertainty, constant innovation and rapid change. In previous decades, businesses would approach advertisers, then pay them for their big ideas and creative concepts. With this system, the ability to measure effectiveness of the campaigns was severely limited—subway posters or billboards didn’t provide any analytics or audience […]Read More

Jacob Galea Making Moves in LA

Recently one of the world’s best Transformational Coaches and Mentors, Jacob Galea, was interviewed by the popular show Good Morning LALA Land where he shared some of his hacks, beliefs, experiences, and secrets. Galea is able to work with business owners, celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs, and even everyday people who are looking to level up their […]Read More